About Me

Hola familia!

My name is Jalyssa Richardson and I am a 20 something year old  California girl who talks lots of spanglish. Well who am I kidding, I talk a lot, period haha!

I am married to the most incredible man and he is without a doubt my best friend. Nathaniel has been so used by God to show me what unconditional love looks like and I am passionate about our marriage. Since becoming his Mrs. I have grown in so many ways because he is a constant display of what Christ looks like. Writing about marriage is one of my favorite topics because it is absolutely the greatest gift. In the midst of all the hard work marriage requires, I can't help but see endless beauty. 

Nathaniel and I have been blessed with the most precious sons, Noah Matthew & Uriah James. They bring so much joy into our lives everyday! Being their mother has led me to learn absolute selflessness and I am breathing in every moment of their incredible lives. Being a stay at home mom has become my ministry to my family and I will write a lot about my struggles, growths, and victories in this amazing journey.
Our hopes and prayers of having a tribe of boys are surely becoming a reality and I seriously cannot tell you how grateful I am to be a mama of boys! We will be welcoming our 3rd son any day now & I cannot wait to meet him face to face!

Through God's grace and constant love I am tending to this little garden of mine. My marriage, my children, my writing, my purpose, all individual pieces in one big beautiful garden. This blog will be full of personal experiences, struggles, and failures in which God has taught me and matured me. That is why I am passionate about this site, it is my ongoing testimony. It my day to day life experiences. It is the constant becoming of who I am supposed to be.
Welcome, I invite you in.

xoxo, Jalyssa 

Email- unikemarie@gmail.com

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