Noticing Your Older Kids

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I just really enjoy this kid! His personality is gentle but he has a fiery side to him. He is intelligent & curious & kind, so very kind.

A couple months after bringing Ezrah home he decided he wanted to be a baby "wike my brothers" so that meant he wanted a diaper again. He also started signing like Uriah instead of using his words & he just began to be naughty for the first time.

I realized I just needed to be patient with him and help him feel noticed. He has never needed much attention because his independent & introverted personality. So naturally I leave him to himself. Well he has started seeking negative attention & reverting back to baby ways because the babies surely get all the attention.

It has been a strong reminder that I have to live intentional.

A big boy is what we want, then a big boy we must see.
 Nathaniel & I started to give Noah "big boy privileges."  Staying up later than his brothers to hang with us, doing a Home Depot project with daddy, and going on walks with mama.

Gosh I love our time walking. I am discovering his personality without being distracted by tending to his brothers. He is so interesting & already his little mind has so many thoughts & ideas. It has been refreshing for me watching him dance in the summer rain, stop to play with ants, create an airplane out of leaves, & sit on the curb waving hi to passing cars. He even had a few people stop as his sweet smile lit up & he said with excitement, "hewwo, how are you, I'm Noah."

Maybe he isn't introverted after all. Maybe he just needs to be in an environment that allows him to thrive. I think that is what we all need, the right kind of attention & the right environment to flourish.

Noah has been accident free for one week today & I have to say this mamas heart is so excited. Not because he isn't in diapers, but because God so graciously used potty training to remind me to notice my beautiful 1st born. To tend to his needs distraction free.

Live intentional friends, the fruit you reap will be the most satisfying.

Xo Jalyssa

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