Making Moments + Jord Watch Giveaway

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Isn't it crazy how certain experiences can change your perspective, shift your mindset, redirect your thoughts. It is almost as if life experience upgrades your character.

Motherhood & marriage has upgraded my character & made me realize that these small moments are actually the biggest moments. So this summer I want to take time to just be with my kids & my husband. 

It's so easy to find them exhausting but I want to see them as fun. Life can be so repetitive but I am going to make it exciting. When there's a sweet moment that isn't posed or perfect, I'm still going to capture it. I guess I'm going to make my home a vacation spot this year. Where little kids can run wild, mom's can have all the coffee they want, and dad's can play hard as if they themselves, are little again.

I want to be intentional with my time, because is it such a precious thing.

I love a fun watch, don't you?
I have Partnered with Jord Wood Watches to giveaway $100 store credit so you can have one too.

I absolutely love the handcrafted wood, the beautiful design, and the stunning details of these handmade watches. 

I am wearing the Fankie in zebra & champagne & wearing it makes me think of the time put into creating it which reminds me how precious time truly is.

They have gorgeous women's watches that range in shape + size but are all stunning. 
Their men's watches are equally amazing & jaw dropping. 
Oh & their packaging is everything! This company really put in a lot of effort making sure their customers get the best, I can appreciate that.

To enter the giveaway click here. Oh & even if you don't win, I got you boo. Every person who enters will get $25 store credit so no one is forgotten.

Remember you guys, time is a gift... It is precious & non refundable so make the most of it. Don't sit around waiting for the "big" moments. Be a moment maker & capture them all.

xo Jalyssa


My sweet talented friend Megan captured these sweet photos of me & my baby boy just hanging out in her living room. If you are local you have to check her out!

Luxury Wooden Watch

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