Boys, Boys, Boys

Monday, June 26, 2017

 Being a boy mom is so dope. I get to raise men!
 Men who will love & respect women...
Men who will be brave & courageous...
Men that will make a difference in a world where men are really just large boys.

Nathaniel & I knew we wanted boys from the moment we got married. Now there is the obvious fun stuff like wrestling, adventuring 24/7, not being grossed out by bugs, etc. I grew up with 5 brothers so I tend to love "boy" things & I just know I'd be a bomb boy mom!

 I prayed that God would give me a desire to have children & He gave me the name Noah. So I began to pray that just like He used Noah to reset things, He would do the same with my son. Use my son to break the patterns of the generations of men that came before him. I can see so much strength in my boy even though he's only 3. He has a way of just capturing your heart with his kind personality. He is a true 1st born & we adore him.
 As you can see the boys kept coming for us. Uriah James was our next blessing & he is so fiery. His name meaning the light & fire of God is so fitting. It is so exciting to think about all he will do for the Lord & for his generation with his bold personality. People always talk about how handsome he is but he isn't just beautiful on the outside, he is so amazing in so many ways.

 Ezrah, our sweet baby. We have so much joy in his presence. He is so peaceful & sweet. His name means helped by God & the craziest thing is, in this season of life we have needed God more than ever. When I feel so stressed & overwhelmed I grab my Ez & stare at his sweet face & every single time I feel peace. God truly uses him to help our family & I am so glad he is ours.

We are a family of boys & I am all about it! They are fun but they are also exhausting. I know that being a mom of men comes with so many responsibilities & I hope I make them proud. 

I hope they can one day say, "I want to marry someone like my mama." I hope.. so many hopes for my sons...

Ok can we talk about these outfit! I absolutely adore my boys in matching outfits and The Boy Box makes it so fun & easy to keep them coordinated. I also love supporting small businesses & this business was started up by a fellow boy mama so I am her #1 fan! 

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