Mom Crush Monday

Monday, May 8, 2017

Where my mamas at?!

One of my favorite hashtags is #momminainteasy because let's be real, it aint!
There are so many trials in the journey of mommin & as a mama to 3 boys 3 & under, I face struggles every moment of every day.

Someone recently asked me how do I maintain so much joy in the midst of the struggle.
I had to get back to her after thinking about it. My very first thought was, "well Jesus of course!" But as I dug a little deeper I realized the things & people Jesus has given me in this season that encourage me constantly.

One of the things I want to highlight is social media mamas.

Say whaaaaat? Social media is cray cray!

Yea I know, it can be, but it can also be a beautiful thing.
Becoming a mama was scary, heck Im still scared. Having social media gave me a broad perspective of this mommin thing. I have followed some of the most amazing mamas all over the world that encourage me literally every single day. Millennial mamas get a bad rap because of "oversharing", the overuse of hashtags, the constant posting, believing we must feed our babes organic,
 etc., etc., etc! 
Us millennial mamas have so much access it is unbelievable! We have th privilege of connecting with mamas all over the world. We get to meet people & do life together even though we may never meet in real life. We get to open up our little Instagram world during nap time & read so many beautiful, raw, encouraging, & real things from our IG mama friends. Some of those things come at the right moment for me & I tell you friends, it has been such a beautiful thing. I have been challenged, cheered on, inspired, pushed, & so much more from my social media mama friends.

I want to highlight a mama every week that blesses my life via social media, a #momcrushmonday. 
The internet world can be harsh, comparison is real, internet addiction is even more real, but when you find a balance & meet great people it is so good. So very good.

I once saw a hashtag that said #motherhoodissanctifying & I clicked it to find so many good reads. There were mamas from all walks of life sharing a story on how motherhood was sanctifying for them. Being the legit internet stalker I am, I found the sweet mama that started this. Her name is Jena & for the last couple of years she has almost been like an internet mentor to me. 
Her perspective of motherhood is encouraging. Her art is inspiring. Her ability to be an entrepreneur in the midst of this loca journey is so great. She is a wife & mama of 2 & is seriously killin it

Here are some encouraging words from my sweet social media mama friend & the links to her sites. Follow her, check out her shops, be encouraged. 

"Motherhood is Sanctifying. 
Some of my best moments and hardest days have been as a mother. I've learned it's the process of surrendering your wants and giving your life for others that truly changes you.  It's purifying you through and through - so don't give up when it gets hard. Dig in to God and to the process. Motherhood is harder than it looks, but much sweeter than you can imagine and I'm so thankful for it."

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