I Celebrate You

Monday, May 29, 2017

Today is seriously my favorite day! 
My beloved, my best friend, my baby daddy, my king, my soulmate was born! 

Nathaniel, I hear stories of your birth... a premature twin, tiny yet strong. You never stopped being strong my love. You are so very strong.

In your short life you have experienced so much suffering, so much loss, so much struggle, & the list goes on. 
Yet here you are, standing tall, so brave, so courageous, so faithful.

Nathaniel your love for God challenges me & your love for people calls me to action.

Your ability to father our sons reminds me of 
the reality of a Father... 
a Father in heaven so good & so able. A Father so able to call a young man to be a present & loving father although he Himself was fatherless. Now I see the work of God as a Father in a whole new beautiful way.

You work so hard papi, so very hard, Serving as a United States Airman means you are always on the clock. Then you choose to pursue your degrees so that you can grow & show your sons something. Yet you are still so present, so involved, so available. I hope our boys are like you.

Oh goodness don't get me started on my adoration for you as my husband. As a matter of fact, I'll save that for my next post ;-)

Nathaniel, Happy birthday. I celebrate you with true gratitude. Im grateful God has given you another year. 
I look forward to the years to come. 
Thank you for choosing me to grow old with, I'm all in.

Uncle Nathan! You too are wonderful. I am so so glad my boys have an uncle like you. An uncle who is the definition of strong. The way you overcome is inspiring. The way you look your disability in the eye & say "you can't stop me" brings me to tears. The way you conquer adversity gives me hope. The way you love is beautiful. Thank you for loving my sweet little family with all of you. We will never forget all that you do for us. 
You are so loved.

My twins, I love you both, I celebrate your lives, I cherish your presence, & I adore you. Your names mean "the gift of God". That is exactly what you guys are!
Happy Birthday!

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