A Time to Treasure (pregnancy #3)

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Third time's a charm!!!

I have heard that my whole life. Um, no one told me the 3rd pregnancy would be so dang rough.

Finding out I was pregnant this time was thee ultimate surprise. Not that we "planned" any of them but this was just way unexpected. Uriah was only 5 months old when I got pregnant & I was told my PCOS would make it extremely hard to get pregnant. I was on medication & haven't had my monthly homegirl visit since before I had my 1st baby.
Some odds!!

Anyways, this pregnancy...
Taking care of 1 wild toddler & 1 pretty large baby added some intensity to this pregnancy. Noah being an explorative 2 year old taught little guy Uriah so many wild things. Problem is, Uriah doesn't understand caution. That means constant chasing, picking up, crawling behind kids on the floor..

I hurt, every moment of this pregnancy just hurt.

When I was 20 weeks pregnant the doctors thought this sweet boys might have spinalbifida. Geez that was scary. It took a whole month to find out they were wrong & that was thee longest month.

I also had some problems with internal bleeding from my placenta which called for bed rest. 
Bed rest... With a 2 year old & 8 month old, that went well.

A couple of my friends & my sweet cousins lost their babies during my pregnancy. It was so hard to see them suffer great loss especially with all my own fears about this baby & all the scares. 
But it helped me realize something...

Every moment being pregnant is such a treasure. Like an actual treasure. 
Each pregnancy is unique & special. When its hard, its still special. This baby boy growing inside of me will be here for 9 months, thats all, 9 months. 

For 9 months he is growing inside of me being soothed by my heartbeat. 
For 9 months he can only survive because of me, I am his source. 
For 9 short months I get to feel him move in the most intimate way I will ever feel
another human being move.
I am breathing for him, eating for him, sleeping for him. Only 9 short months.

Pregnancy is rough. So rough. 
It is selfless & exhausting. It is a never ending giving of yourself. Like literally every part of you is being used to form a body for a life God placed inside of you. 

There are days I really overlook this miracle & just forget to be grateful. 
But days like today, I am swimming in a pool of gratitude. I am overtaken by waves of grace. 

I cannot begin to understand this miracle. The miracle of childbearing. But one thing I do understand, it is absolutely a privilege & I will never forget that. 
Geez I am grateful to be pregnant for the 3rd time. 
I am extremely in love with this season, my child bearing season.
Noah is going to be 3 next month. Uriah will be 2 towards the end of this year. Time surely flies.

What is it in your life that you are overlooking?
 Overlooking what you could or should be treasuring.... 
Your job? Your singleness? Your marriage? Your children's age? 
There is something special about shifting perspective.
Now is only for right now. It will never ever happen again. Soon it will be then.. And friends, then comes so very fast.

These 9 months have been so tough but I would never want to change them. I cannot wait to meet you baby boy, but stay in there as long as you'd like.

Xoxo, Jalyssa 

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