In This Moment

Monday, December 12, 2016

If you knew an ordinary day would hold some of the best moments, would you look at it differently?

If you knew that this moment with your family would create one of your most precious memories, would you live in it a little longer?

If you had an idea that at this very second you are living in one of the sweetest seasons your life may ever have, would you live with more joy & gratitude?

Probably so... But how do you know?

I want to breathe it all in. I want to adore the un-adorable things about my kids and cherish the un-cherishable things about my husband. I know, that probably doesn't make much sense, but I mean it. 
I can't help but think about the reality that everything could change in a moment. 
You guys I have had some of the closest people to me experience extreme devastation & in that one instant, everything changed for them. They never even saw it coming.

My perspective has broadened because of this sort of harsh reality but something beautiful has come of it. 
In the minimal moments of life I am seeing the major beauty. In the smallest things I am seeing huge miracles. In moments of boredom I am seeing peace & rest. In the days that feel long I am finding myself grateful for the time with the people I love. In days that seem too short I am finding excitement for things to come. 
When my kids are playing I find myself stopping just to watch them. When my husband is sitting down reading a book I am going to just sit beneath his arm in silence. 
My camera has come out more, my phone has come out less.

I am breathing it in because this very moment could be the best moment of my life & I wouldn't even know it until after it is gone. 

Friends, open your eyes to what God has given you right now. Things are hard & sometimes the hand that has been dealt us feels awfully unfair. But this I know for sure, in the chaos & in the stillness we have reason to be grateful. Even if we have to dig incredibly deep to figure out what it is, there is something there, I just know it.

Happy Monday friends, make it a beautiful one.

xoxo, Jalyssa

(random time a few weeks ago when I was walking with my beautiful family & just feeling that gratitude so I asked my brother-in-love to snap some shots. There are such imperfect pictures, absolutely unplanned & not normally my thing, but I love them so much)

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