Dear Uriah James

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Dear Lil Guy Uriah,

Happy birthday baby boy. 1 year ago today at 9:16 a.m. I saw you for the very first time. Gosh you were wonderful. Your pale skin & jet black hair were a beautiful sight for this weary mama's eyes. I was so afraid something was going to happen to you while I was pushing you out, but God protected you. He knew how badly I needed you, we needed you.
Uriah you are our 2nd born son & quite different from your older brother. From the moment we laid eyes on you we were sure you would be your own person. Your name means "the light & fire of God" and my son, you are quite fiery. You fought hard in the NICU when you were born. The doctors said you may be there for weeks but no, you were there for 2 days. A few months later the doctors thought you had hydrocephalus but no, you just had a big beautiful brain. Even though your lungs were weak you had the loudest scream & it was music to my ears. Uriah, you have already began beating the odds & geez that tells me a lot about you.
I can't think of a time that I haven't thought you were perfect. You have always been the best sleeper, you smile constantly, & you love cuddling with me. You are so darn handsome that every where we go several people tell us how gorgeous you are. You seriously just light up every room you are in & just have favor with people already. Gosh you are just wonder & joy wrapped up in a sweet chubby little body! I wish I could keep you this way forever!
Your brother has loved you so much from the moment he realized you were in my belly. Watching you 2 together brings me a daily dose of joy that I can't imagine ever being replaced by anything else. Your father is your favorite. You light up when he walks into a room and yell dada whenever he walks away. He is an incredible man to look up to & I pray you will always respect him & follow him as he follows Christ. He adores you & Noah and gives every part of who he is to this family. I hope you both have his work ethic & selflessness. 
I remember the first night you smiled at me. I was nursing you & singing to you in Spanish while playing with your hair. Your looked right in my eyes and there it was, the most precious smile. Something about that moment will always stick with me because I felt like you were acknowledging that Im your mama for the first time. You may like your dad more right now but I am the one you always come to for comfort & cuddles. I hope that is always the case because that is my job, to nurture you. I must say I have never loved a job more. 
Uriah I am starting to see your personality come out. You are quite fiery & don't give up. My prayer for you is that the zeal & fire you have will always be guided towards Jesus. 
Son, I pray that when you fight you are fighting for injustice. 
When you persist, you are persisting for goodness.
When you stand your ground, it is firmly rooted on Christ the solid Rock.
When you succeed, it is with grace & humility.
I hope you never lose sight of righteousness & always push on towards the goal of eternity.
Watching you grow this past year has been medicine for my soul. It has been a difficult year  but Uriah, you & Noah have been the sweet solace in a constant chaos. I have seen you so wonderfully become a toddler, laughing, crawling, chatting, climbing, yelling, hitting, and even throwing tantrums. It has all been a gift & I am desperate for time to slow down. 
Nothing will be better than watching you choose Jesus one day. Watching your name become a banner of truth over your sweet & precious life. Uriah, may God be the light that guides you & the fire that burns inside of you fueling you to passionately seek Him & guiding you as you do.
You will be a big brother soon. I know that your little brother will be so blessed to look up to you just as Noah has been so blessed having you by his side. 
Little guy Uriah, you are a sweet gift to this world. This year of your life has been something special & son I am so grateful to see what is next. I will love you with every part of my being & you will always feel my love. Your father & I are overwhelmed by the grace of God in giving you to us. 
Happy birthday precious son, you are deeply loved. 

Love, mommy

(please excuse the fact that we are missing the 9 month picture. I recently discovered I missed that one, mom fail... oops) 


  1. Oh, these are such beautiful photos of such a beautiful baby! Such wonderful, encouraging, beautiful words from a momma to her baby boy. How great that you are raising strong faithful children. Great post!

    1. Thank you so much. It is truly a blessing to be his mama <3