Uriah's 1st Birthday Monster Party

Monday, November 14, 2016

It was so much fun to celebrate our sweet boy's birthday while we were visiting Cali
Nathaniel & I always feel so refreshed when we are with our families & so this party felt like a gift for us both. As I watched Uriah be loved on by so many relatives I was reminded of the gift of family Family is constant & forever.
Family is filled with messy love & crazy joy.
Family is wild yet grounding.
Family is diversity with no judgement.
Family is the greatest gift & I am extremely grateful my boys have what I believe to be thee best one.
This day was short & simple but absolutely perfect. Here are a few shots snapped throughout the day.

Grandparents (my parents)

This little guy was sick but still enjoyed himself. 


Memories of our little monster's 1st year of life 

Someone was tempted 

My best friends 


My daddy & only sister 

My mama 


Aunt & Uncles (my 2nd parents)

Uncle (1 of my 5 brothers)

Uriah's God mama & my spiritual mama

My perfect little messy family 

Where did the sunlight go? 

Not a fan of cake, or sweets yet. But we tried haha

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