Pregnancy Feels, Be Glamorous

Friday, September 23, 2016

No one told me that this pregnancy thing is so intense the 3rd time around!
The first two pregnancies were just a breeze. 
Felt great, always. Looked good, most of the time. It was just good.
This time around I have felt large, in pain, huge, tired, enormous, oh and I just hurt.  

Being pregnant is beautiful & exciting! Even when it doesn't feel glamorous, mamas, we are so glamorous. When cellulite forms and stretch marks arise, we are still glamorous. When the weight packs on & the clothes get bigger, we are still so glamorous. 
We are glamorous because we are bringing new life into this world. Growing humans in our bellies. Humans that can change their generation. Humans who can create cures for diseases & write books that touch lives. Humans that are special, & beautiful.
That means that we are special, & we are so very beautiful.

If you know me you know I feel great when I get dressed. Putting on pretty things make me feel extra pretty. I have been pregnant 3 times since 2013... Its 2016.. Do the math!
Im a sucker for comfy clothes now but can't sacrifice the style.
Pink Blush Maternity makes it possible with their line of comfy yet super stylish clothes & they also carry plus size. I am so in love with this cold shoulder dress I got from them & how versatile it is. It is officially fall now so I have been excited to style this summery dress for fall. Adding some cute booties and a light jacket makes the transition from summer to fall effortless.
I have been a simple girl with jewelry so a stud and simple necklace were the perfect additions. 

Mamas, you deserve to feel good because pregnancy is just a good look! 
Check out some of the fun pieces from Pink Blush Maternity & just treat yo self! 

With love, Jalyssa

Necklace- Lovishly 
Jacket- Macys (at a great price right now)

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