Born Into Heaven

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Back in June I had the privilege of having a fun little beach shoot with my cousins. They had a sweet baby girl on the way and couldn't possibly be happier. It was an emotional thing for me seeing them from the other side of the camera because they are two of my best friends and my family. I knew in my heart this baby girl would be so loved and witness such a true love through her parents' relationship. I asked Anthony & Annalysa so many questions about becoming parents and they amazed me with how much wisdom and insight they already had. I sometimes felt like I was learning from them. Needless to say this baby girl was anxiously awaited, extremely hoped for, and always prayed for.
September 1, 2016 Annalysa & Anthony went in to the hospital expecting to meet their little girl. Annalysa had an incredible pregnancy and was 38 weeks and 6 days along. Tragedy hit hard and fast when Annalysa was being checked and nurses couldn't find a heartbeat coming from sweet baby Aria's chest. Immediate devastation struck an entire family as we would sit and watch the anguish of labor and broken hearts for the next 16 hours. After 16 hours of labor and nearly 2 hours of pushing, Aria Monet Guinn was born into the arms of her parents but her spirit was in eternity with God. She weighed 6lbs13oz and was 19 1/4in long. She had a head full of hair and everyone could tell she favored her daddy's features with her mamas soft beauty. Anthony, Annalysa, & our family had a few hours with her. 
Now life starts... Life without this sweet baby girl we all excitedly waited for. None of it makes sense and it is nearly impossible to see how this pain could ever go away. Peace seems like a distant friend and hope seems like a faint memory. Annalysa & Anthony have displayed an unimaginable amount of strength through this all and we believe God has given that to them. As they mourn and we all try to get one foot in front of the other, will you be praying? I don't know how to pray but I know prayer has power. As their cousin & friend my heart feel shattered seeing them go through such intense pain & loss. I have created this account to try and take one less stress off the table. Please check it out, share it with friends, and help in any way you can. As we plan to lay sweet baby Aria Monet to rest we appreciate your love and prayer. 

With Love, Jalyssa 

We love you Aria Monet, we will never stop.

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