A Beautiful Baby Boy (birth story #2)

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I remember finding out I was pregnant for the 2nd time. I was so excited I couldn't wait for my husband to get home from work, so I called him to tell him. He shared in my excitement & we praised Jesus together on the phone. We knew we wanted Noah to have a sibling, preferably a brother, and we wanted them to be close in age. Some concerns about my health made us think it would be extremely hard, but God gave us another baby. We found out with all of our family that it would be another boy and we were even more excited.
When I was 8 months pregnant my husband & I chose a name, Uriah James Richardson. Uriah means the light & fire of God. James is a family name so we thought it went perfectly. My pregnancy was perfect & I felt like a million bucks the whole time.
I went in to see my doctor a few days before turning 39 weeks. I have asthma which makes things hard on me & my babies at the end of pregnancy, so my doctor scheduled an induction for that Sunday, the day I turned 39 weeks. My brother in law came in Saturday morning so he could be with our Noah while we were in the hospital & my husband & I went on one last date. We went to BJ's to have pizookie, like we did before we had Noah, & we just talked about being parents of two boys. Geez we were more excited than you could imagine because we love raising men. After BJ's we went to Costco where I knew I was feeling contractions so we headed home. It was Saturday evening at 7pm & I was on FaceTime with my mom & little sister when the contractions came strong. I remember starting to cry & my mom saying this was it, little Uriah didn't want to be induced. We hung up, I showered, brushed my hair,  & prepared for this wild ride. I labored at home until midnight when my water began to break then Nathaniel & I headed to the hospital.
On our way to the hospital my sweet Nathaniel was helping mw with timing my contractions & reminding me of the breathing techniques. Adele's song "Hello" had just released & he thought it would be funny to start it at the end of a contraction knowing when it was over another one would start. It worked, I smiled at his weird idea. Upon arriving at the hospital my contractions were hitting hard but just like with Noah's labor, I was not dilating. They said I was still only at a 3 and they would give me pitocin in an hour if there wasn't any progress. At 4am I caved & got the epidural. I was terrified because when I got it with Noah it took 9, tries before the doctor got it. Yes, 9 miserable times. This time it was a one hit wonder & I felt ok with my decision to get the epidural after my experience with my asthma attacks and nearly fainting several times during Noah's long labor.
(You can read his birth story here)
It was around 5am & I had finally got a little sleep. My sweet friend Monikka came to support me & take pictures like she did with Noah. Her & Nathaniel kept the atmosphere warm & we listened to worship & prayed for this sweet baby. I was grateful I didn't need the pitocin & my body was progressing well on its own. The epidural started to wear off & I decided not to push the button that gets it back going. I wanted to feel this & experience it to some degree. The pain of labor & delivery makes me feel close to God. It reminds me that He made women strong & courageous. God created our bodies to do something that seems so impossible & it is absolutely incredible.
It was almost Nine o'clock when my doctor came to check me. I was surprised when she said get ready to push. I had been in labor for 14 hours which is less than half the time I labored with Noah. I was ready to meet my little guy because the contractions were getting too real, they kept making me put oxygen masks on, and I felt so weak. Nathaniel always wants to assist the doctor & my doctor loves that about him. She threw him some gloves & it was go time.
At this point I absolutely regretted not pressing that epidural button. Uriah was coming so fast and it felt like he was ripping through me, it was horrible. 10 minutes in I got so weak, my legs were falling and I had no energy. My best friend Amber was on FaceTime & I could heard her say, "You can do this." I could tell she was crying & I responded, "I cannot do this anymore." My doctor & Nathaniel were encouraging me to keep going as Monikka & the nurse held my legs for me since I had no energy to do so. I pushed, they said they saw his head, I pushed again, they said push harder. I did. His head came out some & went back in. The doctor frantically yelled "He's in distress, he's in distress!" I panicked and pushed, he kept going back in. My doctor yelled for me to keep pushing because this was not ok. She yelled for the nurse to help but I could not even understand what she was saying because my heart was heavy thinking my baby boy was not going to be ok. She said that he was stuck and his shoulder was lodged into my pelvis which was pulling him back & it was extremely dangerous for him. I cried out to Jesus, Nathaniel stayed strong. Finally the nurse brought the vacuum over then with one giant push, some assistance from the vacuum, & a ton of crying out to Jesus, there he was. He screamed, it was the craziest thing I had ever heard, one giant scream. My sweet baby couldn't breathe & his tiny little lungs were in distress because of such an intense delivery. 15 minutes it took to get him out, and it was the hardest most stressful 15 minutes of my life. They rushed Uriah away to the NICU doctor to get him oxygen & help his little lungs. I cried just thanking God he would be ok. Nathaniel went with him & reassured me he was perfect.
As I went on to deliver the afterbirth I couldn't get my mind off of him. I kept asking to see him, to hold him, asking if he was ok. My doctor told me he would be fine but he couldn't breathe on his own. Nathaniel & Monikka kept telling me how gorgeous he was and how different he looked from Noah. Just like in Noah's birth story I was anxious to just see him & touch him.
Finally, after what seemed like a year, they brought my sweet boy over to me & placed him on my bare chest. He was attached to oxygen but my goodness was he perfect. As this beautiful baby boy lay on my chest with his fresh baby skin against mine I wept, I worshipped, & I wept some more. He had the same big beautiful eyes as his brother but looked nothing else like him. He was round and chubby with a head full of beautiful dark hair.  Every fear I had about not being able to love another baby was shattered as my heart burst with love for this little hairy ball of blessing on my chest. I realized that I didn't need to love my boys the same, I needed to love them uniquely. The love I felt for this precious boy was his own love. All the pain I was in from my bruised pelvis was in the back of my head & everything in that moment felt perfect.
At 9:16 a.m. my world changed forever when Uriah James Richardson came into this world. Weighing 8.8lbs and 21in long with beautiful dark hair and fare skin he occupied a new place in my heart and I knew a whole new level of love.
He was & is the most calm & sweet baby. He was in the NICU for a couple of days but against the doctors predictions he came home with us at 3 days old.
Uriah has been lighting up our lives ever since we brought him home. He is sweet and gentle. His smile makes you melt & his cuddles are just love. His big brother has loved him fiercely since the day he came home & he has been such a gift from God. Nathaniel & I are in awe of our son who will soon be a bog brother. He is 10 months old now and perfection should have been his middle name. I love you little guy Uriah.

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