Our Last Days as a Family of Three

Monday, November 2, 2015

These are our last days as a family of 3. These are my last days of giving Noah my full and undivided attention. My husband & I will soon have 2 sons. We will have 2 souls to shepherd, 2 mouths to feed, to personalities to nurture, 2 precious sons. God has loved us that much, 2 precious sons.
I have been struggling with the thought of giving my love & attention to another child. My sweet Noah has been my world for almost 2 years & I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Emotions of all sorts have been flooding my mind as I step into this next season. 
Will I not be able to love both?
Will Noah lack attention because I am going to be nursing another baby?
Should we have waited so that Noah can have more time with us?
So many thoughts, so many fears.
Last week a sweet friend came up to me and told me the best thing. She asked if I was feeling nervous about, well pretty much everything I have been nervous about. She then went on to say I am giving Noah the best gift, a best friend. Having a brother will be so much fun for him & for the rest of his life he will have someone. She also said I was giving him the gift of being selfless. He will have to share his things, his time, his room, & even his parents. This will teach him to be selfless and because he is so young, it is all he will know.
Those words gave me a new perspective & a lot of joy. 
I remembered all of my 6 siblings and how each of them are little treasures to my soul. They have been my best friends my whole life & I would never wish them away. I never knew a lack of love, I was never bored, & geez I always had to be ok with sharing. It was good, really good.

These are our last days as a family of 3. Our last days of knowing this love. Soon we will know a deeper and wider love. God, how great You are...

Photos taken by my incredibly talented friends over at Meg Bridge Photography. If you are in Albuquerque check her out. 

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