To Each Her Own

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

It's hard being a mom in the Pinterest age. 
Every picture on Instagram really makes me question my meal choices.
Facebook seriously has me thinking my kids have a boring mama. 
Oh the challenges of being faced with other people's pretty little lives.

What if this wasn't the case? 
What if, for one moment, we saw other people's lives and were just happy for them?

I mean honestly I have no desire to make DIY crafts with my toddler who will just eat them. Every now and then I just want a donut or some french fries. I cannot bring myself to spend $100 on workout pants. Oh and if I am at the gym you better believe I will not be posting a selfie because I look all kinds of gross.

Instead I will chase Noah around and rejoice if he sits still for longer than 60 seconds. He can help me with laundry because he loves it. But as for structured learning time, he's just not there yet, and that's quite alright.
I will probably not Instagram my dinner because it is most likely on a paper plate but you better believe its yummy! Oh and I will stick to my $20 gym pants that seem to work just fine for me. 

This reality is perfect, for me. That is why I love seeing all the fun ways all my mama friends spend their days. I know those are perfect realities for each of them.

Mamas, God isn't boring and we shouldn't be either. If we were all the same in parenting, wardrobe, cooking styles, or anything else, we would just be, well, boring!
 Instead God made us unique. He was so gracious in giving each of us different passions, desires, and techniques. There is so one perfect way to mother but I know my way is perfect for my kids. As long as what you're doing is producing the fruit of the Spirit and showing love like Jesus did, you are doing an excellent job! 

Scroll through your media feeds with satisfaction mamas. You are doing so good. To each her own way of doing this mama thing because we each are doing well. Thank God for diversity. 

xoxo Jalyssa 

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