Stress Free Nesting, Be Anxious for Nothing

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Here I am at my computer not able to scoot close to my keyboard unless I drop the chair to the lowest setting. Why you ask? Well because my stomach is so huge and my arms are so short! I am 31 weeks and 4 days, so they think. I add that little remark because this little guy measures about 3 weeks ahead at every ultrasound (every 3-4 weeks). So the doctors assume he will make his appearance a few weeks early. Seeing this recent ultrasound had me believing he is coming sooner than I thought. He looks so chubby and ready to be here! Now if you don't have kids you don't understand how those are crucial weeks for mama. I mean I thought I had about 9 weeks left but really it is probably about 6 and I am not prepared, not even slightly! So I have discovered nesting and it has been a stressful feeling. I need to wash clothes, create a place for him in my room, get a new car seat, buy him a dresser, make preparation for Noah, get stuff for the hospital, etc, etc, etc! Seems like so little to do in 6 weeks right? Well it is not when you have to do all of that and still do day to day life. 
Well you know me and I'm not going to make a blog post rambling about my nesting stress but rather what I am learning through this, well, this anxiety!
I realize that everything is just a season. I was just a wife for a short season and really enjoyed it. I have been a mom of 1 for 20 short months and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Soon I will be a mama of 2 beautiful boys and it will be for just a season. We have moved in and out of the country within our 3.5 short years of marriage and will soon move to a new state. Everything is just a season. If I allow anxiety into each season of life I will be too distracted to enjoy it. It's kind of like the end of each summer. We are so sick and tired of the heat that we cannot wait for fall and winter. Well the rain and snow come and we miss sitting on the porch drinking coffee while the kids play outside. Can we just we be content with the now, no stress, no anxiety, just peace? Well yes Jalyssa we can! 

"Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done." Philippians 4:6 NLT

This verse is constantly helping me in every season of anxiety and worry. For this particular "nesting" season it has helped me to examine my stress and come up with a strategy of how to rid myself of it. I decided to create a list of my nesting dos and a timeline for it all. I'm gonna share it for you other mamas prepping for your little birdies!

1. Budget strategically. We all have those major purchases and unless you have a great income or enjoy using credit cards, they have to be planned in that budget. We have decided to take money from each check towards a big item and to shop consignment when possible. Our last 3 big purchases are a car seat, a dresser, and a diaper bag. The car seat will take priority just in case our little guy decides he's bored in my belly. Sigh of relief, no need to stress over that! 

2. Wash and put away the babies clothes. There are so many tiny little clothes in bins that need to be washed and put away. I'm thankful to be having another boy so I haven't had to buy clothes but I definitely need to get them all ready. It takes a long time to fold 100 little pieces of clothing so I have decided to break this up into 2 separate weekends. I will spend this weekend washing and folding newborn clothes. Next weekend will be the clothes up to 3 months. Last time I washed all clothes in all sizes and later realized what a waste of time because Noah was in those small sizes for so long! So this time I will be more strategic and bring clothes in little by little and take some stress off that way! 

3. Pick up hospital items each time I am at a store. I take random Target trips and it will be easy and better on my budget to throw a few things in here and there. I will definitely get the important things first like nipple pads and cream, hospital undies, etc. If I can accomplish this over the next 4 weeks my hospital bag will be complete and I won't have to worry the last couple of weeks. 

4. Make preparations fr my toddler. It is really important we have a few backup plans for our Noah  because the last thing we want to do is stress over where our son is going to go when mama goes into labor. I have so many sweet friends who are willing to help and so we have made "1 2 & 3" arrangements for him. It is so important to have people we trust and have experience with him already. His backpack is ready and sitting in his closet all ready to go. Now we won't have to be thinking about whats happening with him when we are busy pushing out his brother. What a relief! 

5. Make final home rearrangements for our new guy. We will be moving shortly after he is born so we didn't make him a nursery of his own. He will be in our room until we move and our room is not a very big master bedroom. One weekend between now and middle of October we will take time to rearrange some space next to the bed for his bassinet and in the closet for his clothes. To make things easier I will convert the top of my dresser to his changing station and sacrifice some of my beloved closet space for his mini wardrobe. I am that mom who's newborn has more clothes than her so the sacrifice will be real, ha! Thankful for a husband so willing to redecorate often!

6. Spend some much needed quality time with my man. We will be using the weekends to take advantage of this non nursing life! Nursing is so demanding and so even if we had a sitter for Noah I will have to bring our little one along everywhere. That's not much of a date, so lots of date nights coming up. Especially going to the movies to enjoy uninterrupted movies that are way too loud! I often share how important it has been in our marriage to maintain our friendship and so we will have a lot of fun things to do and we will try once a week! 

This nesting thing isn't so bad if we remember Paul's words in Philippians, "Don't worry about anything". Soon I will have sleepless nights and 2 kids to care for. I will spend these weeks enjoying my husband, loving on my firstborn, embracing all the sleep I get, and having tons of mommy quiet time. No more stress over laundry and car seats, just joy as this season comes to an end. 

xoxo Jalyssa 

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