Growing baby #2, 25 Weeks

Monday, August 3, 2015

This week I will hit 25 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby boy! I am feeling all kinds of crazy emotions knowing we will have another little one in 15 weeks or less! Last weekend I played around with my camera so I thought I'd share a few pictures and thoughts as we get closer to bringing another baby boy into this world!

This pregnancy, much like Noah's, has been a breeze. I like to think I have easy pregnancies so I can maintain my zeal about having 5+ kiddos. And yes my husband wants that many also, I promise. We have no name yet but I think it'll be good because we are definitely putting much thought and prayers into it. To us, our children's names are like titles. We want the meaning to be our prayer over them and we want to imagine what life will be like for them carrying that name. I will be glad when we finally decide because calling him baby is not that exciting. He is so very hyper and I am convinced he never sleeps. My belly is constantly bouncing around like there is martial arts taking place inside. Noah was the same in the womb and maintains that overly active personality. I'm glad they will one day be able to entertain each other. 

So far I have no complaints but lots of stretch marks! Noah gave me these stretch marks but this little guy is definitely bringing them back to life! They honestly do not bother me at all because like most women say, I earned these stripes! When I look at them I don't feel gross or like I need to figure out a way to rid myself of them. They will forever remind me of a short season of life, the season of carrying children in my womb. 
I am soaking in my time with Lil Mr. Noah because I know I will soon have to divide my attention. Anyone who knows me knows I am completely obsessed with this son of mine so the closer I get to having another baby the more my nerves get the best of me. I can't quite wrap my head around sharing this love I have for him but I know it will happen, I'm sure of that!

My sweet Nathaniel loves me being pregnant. I guess that's why he tries to keep me that way, ha ha! He is constantly making me feel beautiful and forcing me to rest. I love the joy he gets in feeling the movements and watching my belly move. I fall more in love with him with each child he gives me so I can imagine 10 years from now, I will be coo coo for the guy! He definitely makes my pregnancies more fun!

This pregnancy is flying by so I am trying to soak it all in. Each time I hear his heartbeat, feel him moving, and especially see that sweet face on an ultrasound, I get overwhelmed with the reality of God. He has been so good to me by trusting me with these babies and I pray I never take being their mother for granted. 15 weeks to go! Stay in there as long as you want baby boy, we will be ready for you when you are!

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