Metallics in Summer {The Creative Closet}

Monday, July 20, 2015

I'm a huge rule follower when it comes to seasonal colors and trends. They just seem to make sense and work well. Brights in summer and darks in winter! This week's link up with The Creative Closet was a challenge because I usually pull out the metallics in winter because they go well with the darker trends. I guess that's why it's called creative closet right!
Pairing this metallic top with white pants and royal blue gave it a summery feel and a lighter look. 

I would normally wear this with black leather and black nails but I actually loved it with the blue. 

Look #2 
 This more casual look was super comfy and the metallic sequins add a really stylish look. I added a bold silver earring and silver plated necklace to bring out the metallic sequins a little more. 

 I even found some metallic sandals that I forgot I had! I was proven wrong, metallics work very well in Summer! That's what I love about this link up, it really makes you get creative! 

With Love, Jalyssa 


  1. Come on now! That pop of royal blue paired with metallic is AMAZING! I love it! So glad you are back to joining us at TCC :) Hope you saw that you were my pick from last week!

    1. I am so glad to be back! It really makes me get creative its so much fun especially being pregnant! You are always fabulous! Thank you so much!