A Moment for Mommy

Monday, July 20, 2015

So I don't know about you other mamas, but spending some good quality quiet time with God has been a lot of work ever since having a little one. I remember waking up every morning with my coffee, grabbing my bible and journal, and reading for hours. I also remember having moments where I can just put on a worship play list and have prayer for as long as I had words to say. Yea those days ended for me after my Lil Mr. Noah came along. I always see other mamas post pictures on instagram of their cute little set up and how awesome there quiet time was and I wonder, how do they do that? I think I may have finally found a balance that works for me and it has definitely proven to be necessary in my life.

I've noticed that spending time with God really is a crucial part of my sanity. When I don't have that time I lack joy, I'm easily frustrated, I complain A LOT, and a bunch of other things. I basically become a MOMster and I really don't think that is a good look for me. 2 Corinthians 3:17 says that there is freedom wherever the Spirit of the Lord is. Galatians 5 tells us the fruit of the Spirit and if these 2 verses are true, my life must portray all of these fruit and I must live in freedom. So I realized this is such an important thing and chose to make it a priority.

Get it in where it fits in. It is a moment for mommy and it can happen at any given time. This morning Noah slept in until 9:30 and I woke up at 8. It was such a sweet time of prayer and bible study at my kitchen table. I feel refreshed and prepared for whatever this day brings. 
Sometimes it is at night before bed. I can pray and worship in the shower and then get out and dive into a few scriptures as I lay down. 
Another way I have found to be helpful is constant scripture reminders. I made a bunch of those cute little chalkboard signs and have them all around the house with different scriptures. they are usually scriptures that remind me of something. For example I currently have one that says "And the two shall become one flesh." This is from a few verses in the bible that talk about marriage and every time I see it and I am reminded to be in unity with my man. I also print verses and frame them so they can remind me what to pray for. Above Noah's changing table are framed verses that I want to pray over him. They are decorative but fruitful. 
Every once in a while when my husband has homework and Noah is asleep I get away to a little coffee shop and bring my bible and current book and just have some time with my King. These moments are usually where I write a lot and respond to ladies who have been reaching out for something. It is always a sweet time and even if its just an hour, it is one really full and satisfying hour.

These are my moments and the simplicity of these moments lead to the most fruitful parts of my life. In just a moment with God my joy is restored and I am a better wife and mom. One sweet second in prayer brings me hope for the areas of life that feel so hopeless. Having just a short time in studying the Word of God reminds me of the Power and Truth of His gospel. Maybe one day I will get back to the days where I have hours to be alone with God, but for now I will remember His presence is a part of my every second and just one moment of silence with Him can lead to a lifelong change.

I'd love to hear how some of you awesome mamas get time in with God! Comment below or shoot me an email to share!

With Love, Jalyssa

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