Embrace Your Beauty

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Beauty. One short word with so many meanings. For some women that word can be heavy. So heavy that we wrap our identities around it. Some women run from it and some women hold onto it a little too tight.

 To run from beauty is to lose sight of the importance of caring for ourselves. Even more important, loving ourselves. God created beauty, it should be embraced. 
To hold on to beauty too tightly is giving it power over us and that is vanity. Vanity disguises itself as something good, like confidence. But it is not, it is in fact the enemy of good. Vanity consumes us women from the inside out. What I mean by that is it consumes us so much within that we eventually explode. Then comparison makes a home in our hearts and the "beauty" of others is now identifying us. At this point beauty is now ugly and good did not win.

Beauty is good because it is from God. To me beauty is a choice. It is a choice to walk boldly and confidently in who God created us to be. It is the essence of embracing our very own being, which means who He created us to be. When I fully except everything that I am in Christ I feel stunning, inside and out. The confidence I carry about who I am internally and what I am here for makes me want to care for myself externally. So I guess I believe my external beauty can only be as beautiful as I feel on the inside. I feel the most beautiful in my own skin when I remember the one Who created it. At that point my weight, my teeth, my nose, everything I am so insecure about is equivalent to nothing. Even those things seem minor when the big picture is my uniqueness and who I am beneath all of that. No one else can be me, fulfill my destiny, or walk in my calling. Only I am capable, I am unique. We all are unique, one of a kind, and that means comparison is not a part of the equation.
So beauty really is good and I choose to embrace it, no vanity, no comparison, just confidence.


This shirt I am wearing says Even Vanity Ends. A reminder to me of what I believe beauty is and to stay true to just that. This movement is huge for women in every stage of life. I'll share  a little of their heart with you so you can see for yourself. 

Our hunger is to see lives changed by the power of grace, where hearts become free from judgement + comparison. We believe the worth of a woman is beyond what can be seen on the outside. Her beauty isn't limited to what she looks like or what size she is. We're more interested in unveiling what's beneath all of that. It is our aim to use fashion to empower women, to remind them of the brilliance they already have within.

Pushing past insecurities + beyond labels, we crave to build a community that celebrates every one's uniqueness, where love is unleashed without limits. No one is beyond the reach of love + we believe everyone is worthy of it."

 I would encourage you to click on that link and be truly encouraged by women who want to see you thrive. EVE chooses daily to cheer other women on and see them walk in confidence. Such a wonderful thing and God is most pleased with that kind of beauty.

“I notice I often don’t embrace my uniqueness because I’m looking for validation in others. But I’ve realized, 
self-confidence is the most attractive quality a person can possess, so you better ROCK IT + OWN IT!!!” 
-Melissa Dorn, Founder of Even Vanity Ends

Follow them on Facebook + Instagram to keep up with all God is allowing them to do and I promise you will be glad you did. Women encouraging women, such a beautiful thing.

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