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Monday, June 15, 2015

Hey everyone! I'm still alive! My blog has collected a bunch of dust these past couple of months and I almost don't know why. Well here's a quick update on my little life!

Beginning of March my handsome husband and I found out we are pregnant with another little baby! We now know it's another boy and we seriously could not have more joy! Building a tribe of boys has been our dream. I can go on about that but I'll save that for its own blog post ;-)

God has grown Nathaniel and I so much recently, as individuals and as a couple.  Traveling together and just having some genuine time together has shown us how much God has given us. We are so aware that God truly loves us and has given us a specific purpose for our time here on earth. I also had the incredible opportunity of speaking at a few different events. I am a nervous mess when I am in front of people talking, surprising I know. Taking the opportunities and seeing God glorified through them was a push I needed to walk more confidently in what He has called me to. 

We got to spend a couple of weeks in California and that was wonderful! Spending time with our families is always a huge deal for us because we are both such huge family people. California has our hearts and our desire is to move back there and be used by God in a place where the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. So our two weeks there were full of prayer, scoping out the possibilities for ministry, possible areas to live, and work for my honey. The thought of that transition has been a huge part of our lives and consumes a lot of the space in my mind. Needless to say, taking a break from blogging to gain some perspective and soak in the presence of God has been a true blessing. Especially because I spent good quality time with my familia and my super hot hubby!


Since March God has been doing a great work in my own heart and life. I honestly got a little spooked by all of the attention my blog started to bring to my life, via social media especially. The random Instagram follows and Facebook friend requests became a little too much for me. The messages and comments made it a little overwhelming. I guess the idea of strangers knowing my son's name and being able to take my pictures of him seemed crazy to me. I feel much better about it now and I am more aware of the privacy I am in charge of with my social media accounts. I realize that this blog is my passion because of how God can use it. Through this random little site I have been able to meet so many wonderful women, speak into the lives of ladies, and just enjoy expressing myself and sharing my heart. So I am back at it. You will hear from me again, well those of you who are still around ;-) 
I love this community of bloggers! I love all you ladies who read and share my posts! I am so encouraged and inspired each time I get on the computer to do this! Thanks for all the love, I truly love you all too! 

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