Zoo Day with Team Rich {a lil glimpse of my family}

Monday, February 23, 2015

Growing up I was never into animals or anything that had to do with outdoors. My family just wasn't big on family zoo trips and outings. I just so happened to marry a man who is in love with nature and wildlife. I have fallen in love with experiencing the reality of a creative God through animals and we hope our little Noah develops the same love! So of course, zoo trips have become a popular thing for team Rich. My husband is also in love with doing everything as a family. I never imagined marrying a man who was involved with every aspect of his wife and child's lives. Nor did I know that kind of man existed. I want to start sharing a little more of my family life with y'all because I have been so blessed to have my dream family. I hope letting this blog show more of my personal family life will bless you guys! Here are some photos from our fun day with some friends at the zoo. Enjoy!

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