5 Reasons We Women Need Each Other

Monday, January 26, 2015

As women we all share a similar need, friendship. Now I know some of us would disagree and say we enjoy being alone, but notice, I said a need not a want. Yes that is right we all need someone that we can rely on, run to, and trust. 
More often than not we see women against each other. All of our lives we have been taught to compare ourselves to one another so of course we will always be at odds. "I want her job, her husband, her life. I think she dresses better than me or has better hair. She thinks she is better than everyone because of her..." As women we even create issues within our friendships that don't exist. "She's been acting funny towards me. She hasn't text me lately so she is obviously mad. I saw how she looked at me today so we aren't really friends anymore." All of these silly things force us away from the one thing we need, unity. 
Let's talk about 5 reasons why we as women need each other.
1. Encouragement. Think about it, we are the only ones who truly understand each other. Therefore we can be the best at encouraging one another. When I see a fellow woman struggling with insecurity,  or as a wife or mama I can encourage her not just with empty words, but with experience. Words of encouragement are like hands reached out to lift up a woman who is down. It's always great to hear nice things, I don't care who you are! 
2. Experience. No matter who you are there is some woman who has been in your phase of life before. Now I am very grateful for my husband and our friendship, but he has no experience being a woman. Thank God! If I have girlfriends I always have someone to reach out to when I am going through something. There is always going to be someone who has been a newlywed, a new mama, single, working, in school, etc. Therefore having friends who can share their experiences will help me grow through the various trying seasons of life. 
3. Growth. When we surround ourselves with amazing ladies we will inevitably grow as a lady ourselves. I have so many friends who challenge me just by the way they live their lives. This challenge is a good thing because it helps me see areas where I can grow. I hope I do the same for some of my friends. Having girlfriends has challenged me to love harder, serve more, humble myself in many ways, and push myself so much more. These are just a few of the many things I have grown in as I see other ladies' live incredible lives right before my eyes. We all need to grow in some areas and there will always be another woman able to help us do so.
4. Understanding. Face it, sometimes we just don't make sense to our husbands. They don't make sense to us either so it is a fair game. Now we ladies can understand each other pretty much all the time. We just speak the same language. If I am super emotional and I don't even understand myself it is better I have a gal pal to run to instead of my husband. My poor husband wouldn't understand where to begin digging into a pile of emotions like a fellow emotional woman would. It's important that I have a strong, encouraging, experienced woman to run to so she can help me dig through these emotions not pile on more. This understanding we have with each other goes for all areas of life. We understand each other's struggles, insecurities, victories, even those bad eating habits! It is a wonderful thing to have a friend who is available to you through all of life's craziness.
5. It just makes sense! Think about a world where women are unified in love and peace. Helping each other grow and learn. Encouraging each other through difficult times and cheering each other on through victories. Doesn't that just make sense? We were meant to have sister like relationships and I promise it is a great thing to have. My life would be a lot harder to walk through if it weren't for some of the amazing ladies God has gifted me with along the way.

So ladies, let us stand together, in unity, in love, and in hope that when we come together great things will happen. All of our uniqueness and individuality is cause for unity, not discord. Instead of comparing and envying each other's differences we should realize when joined together, we are a force to be reckoned with! Look at the sister to the right and to the left of you, no comparison, no envy, just pure love. I promise there is joy, peace and power there. 

"How good and pleasant is it when brothers(sisters) live together in unity!" Psalms 133:1


  1. amen sista! words of truth. love that last verse too!

    1. Thank you! And I have to say I am super excited that you read my blog haha! Love your blog so much!