Where is She?

Friday, November 7, 2014

There is a woman who is very rare. She is often spoken of but hardly seen. 
Her presence wreaks of satisfaction. 
Her tone is soft but her voice is strong. 
She is bold, respectable, confident. 
She carries herself in a way that forces those around her to want to know her more. 
She is not swayed or moved by the latest trends and looks.
She will not compromise her dignity for more likes on a picture.
She does not submit to today's idea of sexy, but rather carries on the tradition of class and self love.
She has a way of grabbing the attention of others, not because of her lack of clothes or face full of makeup, but the exact opposite. 
She has understood that makeup will not give her someone else's God given make up, so she is content with her originality and strives to be herself. 
Her hope and pursuit is the uplifting and encouragement of the women around her rather than comparison and envy.
She is taking back Instagram and Facebook from the idea that a duck lip or half naked selfie a day keeps the attention coming. 
She refuses to strive for the lustful attention of men or envy from fellow women.
She is humble and gentle in hope to honor God with her life and present herself pure.
She is rare but she is real. 
She is authentically herself,  bravely original, shockingly satisfied, and God's very intention for 
His daughters.

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