Ticking Time Bomb

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

There is one thing we all have in common, every single person in this world. It is inside of us and we cannot get rid of it. For some of us it is a good thing, for some a bad, for some even deadly. No matter how hard we try we cannot rid ourselves of it so we must learn to live with it. Some people embrace it, train it, keep it in line. Others tend to be ruled by it often leading to self destruction. It can be a gift or a ticking time bomb, a blessing or a curse. It is the mind...
I have been thinking about and dealing with this a lot lately because one night my husband asked me do I want seconds at dinner and my mind immediately assumed he thinks I am fat. What the... Really? Yes, really.
That is the thing about the mind it works against you, against those you love. If it is not tamed it will attack just like a wild animal. We do not pay attention to the seriousness of this issue and it is why we as women can so easily be persuaded to think others do not like us, our husbands are not happy with us, we aren't good enough. I have been having so many conversations with women who are struggling so much. Each of them with different problems but all with one common denominator, their minds are working against them. Believing an idea in your head to be true, without investigating it in depth, will ruin friendships, marriages, your own life. This is why a woman can assume after not hearing from her best friend for a few days, that they are no longer friends and she did something wrong. How easy would it be to just call and say hello to your friend? But instead we let our minds wander and we follow it to a place of disillusionment and bam, discord in a friendship. As if every wonderful moment spent with this friend is disqualified by one moment of assumption in the mind. This is the same for marriages. Come on ladies we all have to admit we have been there done that. For me lately it is always something someone has said about me that was belittling. I buy into it and play with the idea in my mind, allowing it to take deep root and rule over me. So then I submit to it as if I never knew anything different about myself and then in just a moment, my mind has taken me to a place of inadequacy and self pity. How is it so easy for me to forget all of the promises of God? The problem is my mind has not been tamed, beaten into submission. When I am so disciplined in seeking biblical truth and hiding God's word in my heart my mind has no choice but to come under that. So now when I hear something negative about myself it is ok because on the forefront of my thoughts are the truths of God's word lingering around. This is taming the beast, cutting the wires of a dangerous bomb.
We should acknowledge the danger of a wandering mind by remembering times in our lives this has affected us negatively. Then acknowledge times in your life where you have chosen truth over imagination and beat your mind into submission. I can assure you your life will change. Your marriage, friendships, and self worth will all benefit from this. The mind can be a dangerous thing, just don't let it.

"We are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised  up against the knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ..."  2 Corinthians 10:5 NASB

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