My Blessing Baby Birth Story: Noah Matthew Richardson

Monday, June 30, 2014

"Pretty sure you are only suppose to be pregnant for 9 months, I've been pregnant for 2 years!"
This is what I told my doctor at my 39 week check up. My first pregnancy had been so easy but seemed so long. By now I couldn't fit my wedding ring, bending over wasn't a possibility, going an hour without peeing seemed like a faint memory. I had no clue my 39 week checkup would be my last checkup.
My friend Amber came out hoping she would be there when Noah came but as we went to bed Friday night we both had little hope that was going to happen. Woke up from what would be my last night of good sleep at 3:57a.m. to the sharpest pain in my lower back and popped out of bed. My husband jumped up asking me if everything was ok and knowing he needed sleep in case this was the real deal I told him I was fine. Exactly 7 minutes later another pain came and so I started getting excited. In between each 7 minutes I was squatting and walking around my dark quiet house trying to not wake anyone in case this was another false alarm. The pains got stronger and more uncomfortable and so I sat in Noah's nursery timing them and praying. I know that if this was it then my life as Mrs. Richardson would never be the same. I waited for 3 hours before waking up my husband and those 3 hours spent in the nursery talking to God were the reason I believe the rest of this story is so amazing.
So 7a.m. came around and the contractions were 5-6 minutes apart so I woke up Nathaniel, Amber, and my brother-in-law to let them know I think it was time. My brother-in-law stayed behind as the 3 of us went to the hospital. Hooked up to all sorts of machines and waiting for 2 hours to see a doctor was not the way my imagination told me my trip to the hospital for labor would go. Finally we see a doctor who crushes my excitement when she told me I was only dilated to a 1. Although I was having consistent contractions my husband and I decided we'd rather labor at home until we were closer to delivery and so we left. My contractions were still bearable and Amber and Nathaniel kept making me laugh so I knew I was ok to leave.  On the way home we stopped to get food and as my husband was ordering I felt a not so bearable contraction and yelled. These bad boys were now coming 3-5 minutes apart and actually making me grunt and fuss. When we got home I sat on an exercise ball hoping to ease them but they got worse and worse. My wonderful husband was timing my contractions and helping me breathe through them so my asthma wouldn't bother me. They came every 3 minutes along with a burst of water and at 4p.m. we knew it was time to go back.
Arriving at the hospital this time was so much different. I was yelling through contractions as we walked through looking for the elevator. Everyone was staring and Amber was doing a great job encouraging me and making me smile as my husband had his game face on. We got to the doctor and sadly I was only dilated a 3 but my water broke and I was finally admitted. I knew I wanted to experience this and so I denied the epidural. My nurse and my good friend Natasha, who was my doula, were amazing at helping me ease the contractions with breathing and different positions. My husband was incredibly calm and helped me through each contraction by looking in my eyes reassuring me that God had created me to do this. Amber was updating my entire family and giving me so much love. All of this love and help made me sometimes forget the pain that was only 3 minutes away.
There we were at 8:45p.m. with contractions 1 minute apart, I had 3 asthma attacks and was forced to wear oxygen, my back labor was so intense that I thought death was near (no joke), and I wanted to give up. The doctor came in, my 3rd doctor, to tell me I was not even to a 4 yet and they were going to give me pitocin. At this point my contractions and back labor were making me so weak that my husband had to hold me up, Amber was in the corner looking terrified like she was watching someone be tortured, and the nurse kept reminding me of the epidural option. My husband was so strong through this that I felt like he was carrying so much of my pain and suffering. He kept me positive and my mind was focused on the blessing of this experience because of the worship playing in the background and the scriptures he would remind me of. Amber's smiles and back rubs, my doula Natasha's help breathing and reminder of how fast the contractions would be over, all of this was helping me continue but I knew I was breaking. Something about hearing I was still at a 3 after all these hours broke me. I cried letting them know I couldn't go on and I wanted the epidural. Before saying that, I knew in my heart I was going to disappoint myself and thought everyone else would see me as failing. The moment I asked for the epidural everyone in the room was so happy and rushed to tell my nurse. I know they were all happy because they knew my pain would be over. They all made me feel great by encouraging me and telling me how proud they all were and how strong I had been. I had no clue the epidural would really suck and I got stabbed 9 times before it was successful but as soon as that was in me I felt like I was in heaven. I even told the lady who did it that I loved her, I know, awkward,
By now it was close to 10p.m. and everyone was asleep. My friend Monikka came and she was going to be taking pictures for us of it all. She was so great in helping the nurse throughout the night so that the others could sleep. The nurse came in to check me at 8a.m. and I had barely reached an 8. I was terrified that I would have a c-section because I was so educated on vaginal birth and so ready. We were all praying my body would do what it needed to do for me to push this baby boy out. Once again the shifts were changing and I was getting a new nurse. When she came to introduce herself I was so excited because it was the same lady who I had met and seen Saturday morning when we first went in. Her and I really clicked and my husband liked her a lot so it felt so comfortable. She rubbed my shoulder and jokingly said "Thanks for waiting for me now let's get this baby out!" The new doctor came in to check my progress at 9:30 and it was go time. Since my labor was so slow he was convinced it would take me a very long time to get Noah out and so he and my nurse made a bet  because she was convinced I could do it in an hour. When they told me it was time to push we all were hit with the reality of this and everyone's demeanor changed. I really believe that us praying through this entire process and having worship playing from the moment we got there is why everything and everyone was perfect. I asked the nurse to stop the epidural so I can somewhat experience what it felt like to bring Noah into the world. I remember having so much joy in those last moments before pushing. My husband looked me in the eyes with such an intense amount of love and said "Are you ready to meet our son?" Those words put me in serious mode and I knew I was going to get this baby out as soon as possible. Nathaniel holding a hand, Amber and Natasha each holding a leg, and Monikka with the camera, it began.
Through each push I remembered different scriptures that helped me keep my perspective. All of the joy in the faces of my loved ones and even the nurse were so encouraging. After 30 minutes of pushing, a ball of soft hair appeared and everyone was amazed. I had never seen Nathaniel or Amber smile like that and I could not believe what the mirror was showing me. This was my baby boy's hair and he was already so perfect. The doctor came in very surprised and the nurse giggled and reminded him she had won the bet and he owed her. Nathaniel had spent so much of my pregnancy educating himself on childbirth and the doctor allowed him to help, so he handed my hand over, put on some gloves, and went to assist the doctor in delivery. More hair, more head, more pain, more excitement, only a couple pushes left. I pushed hard and there was his little face. I got so excited I stopped pushing! The nurse reminded me that the shoulders were harder and I regained focus. The moment I saw his head I started worshipping God. I pushed really hard and yelled really loud and there he was at 10:36a.m., Noah Matthew Richardson 7lbs15oz 21in. long.  I started praising God and everyone looked so overjoyed. Tears and praises were coming all around the room as the doctor placed this slimy and limp baby boy on my stomach. I saw a look of panic in the nurses eyes as I asked why wasn't he crying. They snatched him away from me before I got to even hold him and rushed him away. In this moment everyone and everything changed. Smiles went to looks of concern and all the support I had was now rushing away from me with the doctors who had Noah. The nurse stayed with me assuring me everything would be ok they just need to help him breathe. They thought he swallowed poop and needed to clear his throat and give him oxygen. I still needed to deliver the after birth and so Monikka and the doctor helped me focus as everyone else went to be with Noah. I was still so concerned but started praying and worshipping God knowing My baby was going to be just fine. My husband looked so serious as he watched them do all of these thing to his newborn son and I couldn't read him which scared me. By the time I was all done on my side of the room I  finally heard Noah cry for the first time. Tears flooded down my face and praise came from my lips. Everyone was rejoicing even the nurse. She told me she had been doing this for so long that she never cried anymore but she started crying and grabbed my hand and thanked me for reminding her why she does this job.
Although I didn't get to see Noah yet I fell in love with his voice. My husband had so much joy in his face and looked over at me and told me Noah was perfect. Everyone was telling me how beautiful he was and I was a tad jealous I was going to be the last one to see him but grateful he was ok. Finally the nurse said he can come off oxygen and brought him to me. His eyes were wide open and I melted the moment I saw them because I felt like I was looking into my husband's eyes. In that moment everything in the world was perfect and I knew life was never going to be the same, but better,
I was right, life has been so much better, Noah is now almost 5 months old and each day has been a miracle. He grew in my womb and has now taken over my heart. It amazes me that God loved us women so much that He let us carry our children. This is the first of I hope many of my  birth stories. Welcome to the world Noah Matthew.

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